Our Story

It all started out years ago, just two of us, a husband and wife team with an entrepreneurial spirit. We had a dream of creating something we could gratefully pour our time, energy and hearts into.  A fulfilling business we could call our own.

With the motivation and drive to make the dream real, we gave it life. Then we gave it our name.

Inspired by the beauty of Tennessee and the creative culture Nashville has to offer, we settled in and located our home and small studio near the historic Natchez Trace Parkway.

Now 15 years, 4 children and lots of happy clients later, we remain grateful, continuing to create a life and design we are passionate about.


Our Team

In October of 2014 O'More College of Design graduate Sidney Shackelford joined our team. During her four years at O'More, Sidney earned a Bachelor's of Fine Art in Visual Communications. With a passion for print design, Sidney spends her days designing promotional materials for our clients as well as logos, stationery, web graphics, and environmental branding.